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May 10, 2016
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May 17, 2016
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Jun 21, 2016
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Our 67th Annual Patriots' Day Road Race was held on Monday April 18, with temperatures approaching the 70s by the time trophies were awarded.   Thanks to all the teams who participated: Westbrook, Gorham, Scarborough, South Portland, and Deering.  We had a good crowd of almost 70 runners. 
The top boys team was from Scarborough and the top girls team was from Westbrook. Top three girls all from Westbrook: Maddie Hebert, Delilah Graffam, Maddie Smith. Top three boys all from Scarborough:  Colin Tardiff, Andrew Sholl and Connor Doherty.
Thanks to all of you who volunteered for Race Day: Dave Rolfe, Frank Emery, Steve Rand, Jason Beever, Judith Reidman, Jeff Malloy, Hal Thomas, Christine Johnson, and Bill Gowen. This historic race could not continue without the support of our club members. Special thanks go to Dave Rolfe who lead the volunteers in Owen’s absence.  Also a huge thank you to Owens McCullough for the pre-race organization and coordination. In addition, he sent along two of his engineers to help out - Craig Burgess and Tyler Peabody. Their on-site support was critical.
Finally, a big thanks goes to the City of Westbrook:  Brian from Public Services who helped us set up and break down safely, the Fire Dept which provided an ambulance to follow the runners, Police Dept for providing a car to lead the runners, and particularly to Chief Roberts who wielded the starter pistol. A great community effort!

We are pleased to report that Westbrook Police Chief Janine Roberts joined us for lunch on April 12. She provided a brief update on policing initiatives underway in Westbrook. 
Thanks to grant funding and a City match, the Community Policing Coordinator for the Brown St area of Westbrook has been on the job for 6 months.  The officer is located at 192 Brown St in a converted apartment and the department now expects funding will be available for a second year.
Westbrook will have two bicycle officers this summer and two new patrol officers will be coming on board May 1.
A new police dog has been purchased.  The dog's name is Brook and her Canine Officer will be Ben Paul.

Jenny Stasio, Director of Operations of Family Crisis Services (FCS), spoke about the evolving role of FCS.  FCS was founded in 1977 and is the domestic violence resource center that serves victims and survivors in Cumberland County.  FCS provides safe and accessible services to all people affected by domestic violence regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, primary language spoken, or immigration status.
FCS provides a wide variety of services including a 16 bed shelter in Portland, youth advocacy, prison advocacy, elder advocacy, and a 24 hour hotline. Anyone looking for help for an individual can call this hotline: friends, family, church family, neighbors, etc.  The two full time elder advocates work with victims of elder abuse and can meet with folks in their homes. In the past grant year, they have seen and worked with over 500 victims who were age 50+.
They have outreach offices in Bridgeton, Brunswick and at the Portland Police Dept.  They credit EPIC, Enhanced Police Interest Collaborative, with preventing homicides. They also run a program called Guys with Pies, a program that works with you men (over pizza) to mentor them to break the cycle of abuse.
FCS now has 46 active volunteers in addition to their full time staff. These volunteers are being featured on FCS FaceBook page during the month of April:  https://www.facebook.com/FamilyCrisisServices/?fref=ts
FCS receives funding for their programs from many sources: the United Way, Federal grants, Community Development Block Grants, by budget line items of Cities and Towns in Cumberland County, and by private donations.  Their Third Annual Gala Dinner & Auction will be held Thursday May 5, 2016 from 6-9PM at the Westin Portland Harborview.  For more information or to purchase tickets: http://newbeginningsgala.com/
Pictured: Jenny Stasio with Judith Reidman

Westbrook High School Interact club members were recognized at the Rotary luncheon for their many community service projects. Some of their activities they told us about include: decorating the school hallways for Spirit Week, hosting a Valentine's Day Tea at Springbrook Nursing Home, Christmas gift wrapping at the Community Center, Salvation Army bell ringing and raking leaves for elderly residents of Westbrook.  An ongoing project which many of the students participate in is Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Ths is done in conjunction with other service clubs at the High School and involves students from all of the elementary schools in Westbrook.  As they did last year, they have plans to visit Barbara Bush Children's Hospital to visit with sick children in the near future.
Thanks to current President Letta Oeur and Junior Reilly Joyce for sharing what the club has been up to this year and some of their plans for next year. 
Standing L to R: Bruce Dyer - WHS Club Advisor,
Brianna Garcia, Courtney Arsenault, Sarah Terrano,
Alexandria Phelps, Danielle Breunig.
Seated: Morgan Menezes, Reilley Joyce,
Interact President Letta Oeur, Natalie Merrill

Our 67th Annual Patriots' Day Road Race road race for local high school boys and girls will be held on Monday April 18. Owens McCullough and Dave Rolfe have been hard at work behind the scenes and will be asking for help this week. Letters have been sent to area coaches and the request has been made for public safety support.
Volunteers should plan on arriving by 9AM.  We'll need help checking in the runners, handing out numbers, recording the order of finish, and supplying water, among other activities.  The race starts at 10AM.   Once the race finishes, we'll tabulate the results, award the trophies, and will need help cleaning up.
Always a fun time and a great make up opportunity as well.  We hope to see everyone there to help with logistics and cheer on the runners!
Note that school vacation week starts April 18, so there will be no meeting on Tuesday April 19.  

Every year, Rotary’s Presidential Citation program helps Rotary clubs around the world focus their efforts and achieve more in their service. This year, for the first time, the Presidential Citation was data-driven and goals were quite challenging. The criteria were in the following categories:
1) Mandatory Activities in setting goals in Rotary Club Central and paying July semi-annual dues on time - We achieved both goals.
2) Membership Development and Retention - We exceeded by achieving all 4 goals.
3) Online Tool Adoption - We fell short by one, only achieving 1 goal.
4) Foundation Giving - We exceeded by achieving all 4 goals
5) Humanitarian Service - We exceeded by achieving 4 goals.
6) New Generations - We fell short by one, only achieving 1 goal.
7) Public Image - We exceeded by achieving both goals.
The purpose of the Citation is to honor the efforts of the many clubs who have worked so hard toward their Rotary goals during the year. Seeing how many Clubs had made great strides in service without reaching every goal needed to achieve a Citation, RI President K.R Ravindran sought a way to recognize that work as well. 
As a result, the Citation this year will be modified and issued in three levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Gold citation will recognize those who met the high bar of all seven goals; Silver citations will go to those who have achieved six goals, and Bronze will go to those who have attained five (including, in all cases, the mandatory goals).
As you will note from our Club's results shown above, Westbrook-Gorham Rotary achieved bronze level.  We met or exceeded in 5 categories, falling one goal short in each of two others.   Congratulations to all and thank you for your contributions that made this possible! 

Ten Westbrook-Gorham Rotarians attended the District Assembly on April 2 at USM Portland. Our FaceBook pro, Kate Wight got a group "selfie" as we started our day. Unfortunately, Paul Emery missed the photo op as he was networking with one of the 100+ Rotarians from around the District who attended this annual event. It should be noted that our Club had the highest attendance per capita of any club.  Love the enthusiasm!!

On May 4, 1955, about 3 weeks after Jonas Salk discovered his vaccine,  David contracted polio in Denver CO. He awoke paralyzed and was admitted to Denver Children's Hospital on May 7, to a ward with 18-20 other children. However, because he lived in the US, with access to great health care and physical therapy, by third grade he was living a normal childhood and actively participating in sports. Unfortunately, starting with some noticed weakness in 2001-2003, he was diagnosed with post polio syndrome and currently uses crutches and a brace.
A videographer by profession, David spent time in Africa. What he saw there led him to found Crutches 4 Africa to provide mobility devices to help those afflicted by diseases, like polio, and by other causes like land mines. In 2006, he was in Africa where he witnessed adults and children who crawled on the ground because they did not have access to crutches or braces. By the end of that year, David had collected 235 pairs of crutches and shipped them to Uganda. He also joined the Rotary Club of Mountain Foothills in Denver, CO.  
To date Crutches for Africa has shipped over 73,000 units to a long list of countries in Africa which has meant that thousands of men and women no longer needed to crawl through mud, garbage, and sewage. 
L-R: Jeff Malloy, David Talbot, Candace Talbot, Dennis Robillard

Mobility - Health - Dignity - Access -  These are the goals of Crutches 4 Africa, a non-profit organization created by David Talbot of the Rotary Club of Mountain Foothills, just west of Denver, Colorado. It is estimated that 20M people in Africa alone have a need for a mobility device.
We are pleased to report that Westbrook-Gorham Rotarian Jeff Malloy has been collecting mobility devices in support of Crutches 4 Africa. We are fortunate that Casco Federal Credit Union has the local space to store the devices until they can be taken to the District storage facility in Biddeford.   Once enough units are collected at Biddeford, they will be loaded into a shipping container and sent to where they are most needed.  

Each shipping container can hold about 3000 units.  A "unit" is a pair of crutches, a cane, a walker, a brace or a wheelchair. It costs $9000 to $10,000 to ship  container from the US to Africa.
Our Club is hoping to learn from the successful collection activities of the Saco Bay Club and place collection boxes and signage in local grocery stores in both Westbrook and Gorham.  Look for more information about how you can help with this effort.

On Friday March 25, a small group of local Rotarians was fortunate to meet with David Talbot, Founder of Crutches 4 Africa, at the Casco Federal Credit Union in Westbrook.  Jeff Malloy, Manager of the branch, was our host.  We were joined by Israel Collins, President of Saco Bay Sunset Club and Dennis Robillard, our District's Crutches 4 Africa Coordinator.
During our nearly one hour discussion, we learned that David is a videographer and also a polio survivor.  He was working in Uganda in 2005 when he saw a site that stopped him in his tracks - a woman, a polio survivor, with her leg severely deformed and bent back touching her shoulder.  Also on that trip, at the head of the Nile River, he saw a billboard displaying Rotary's 4-Way Test. This was his first real exposure to Rotary. He liked the straight forward and moral message of the statements of the 4-Way Test.
July 17, 2005 was the beginning of Crutches 4 Africa, when he awoke from a dream realizing what he needed to do to help people like the woman he saw, right down to what the logo should look like.  in 2006, he joined Rotary and credits the reach of Rotary with helping Crutches 4 Africa grow to what it is today.  In fact, Maine Rotarians have contributed significantly to this project, shipping items in quantity only second to that of the home base in Colorado.
As of this meeting, 73,000 units had been distributed, with 5,000 in transit.  We learned that David and his wife Candace were on their way to Africa, via Maine, to meet and distribute this latest shipment.
L-R: Dennis Robillard, David Talbot, Jeff Malloy

Rev Bill Chadwick spoke about his church’s work in Cuatro Cayos, a small town in the jungles of Guatemala. He and fellow Rotarian Wayne Lopez recently led a group of 20 to work on several ongoing projects. These projects include building and equipping a school, establishing a bakery to be owned and run locally, building a health clinic, providing dental services, feeding local children, providing mosquito nets to fight Zika Virus, among other projects

Bill showed how this work dovetails with the Rotary Foundation's motto of Doing Good in the World and to Rotary’s six areas of focus: Promoting Peace, Disease Prevention, Water & Sanitation, Education, Economic Development, and Child & Maternal care.  
Finally, he spoke about his vision for the future: equipping this new clinic with a portable dental chair and other associated equipment. We hope to submit this project for a District grant in 2016.

The Westbrook High School Interact Club sent seven students this past weekend to the New Generations Conference. Attendees were treated to a continental breakfast and a couple of ice breakers in the cafeteria where they met and learned about students from other schools.  The energy in the room was high!   Then off to the auditorium for a series of speakers which included a panel discussing Student Exchange, RYLA and Roteract, and a presentation by David Talbot of Crutches 4 Africa, among other speakers.  
L-R: Christine Johnson - W-G Rotary, Brianna Garcia,
Natalie Merrill, Letta Oeur - Interact President, 
Reily Schumacher, Courtney Arsenault, Danielle Breunig,
Reilley Joyce, Bruce Dyer - Interact Advisor
After a great lunch, keynote speaker Rotarian Deepa Willingham, Founder/Chair of PACE Universal, talked about poverty and illiteracy in the world, especially among girls in developing countries. It is estimated that 600-800 thousand people are trafficked across international borders each year. Most of these are women and girls, including girls as young as 5.  In the US, it is estimated that 14,500 -17500 people are trafficked annually, primarily women and children. Extreme poverty and lack of schooling are significant factors driving these numbers. With no education, the cycle of poverty continues from one generation to the next.
Promise of Assurance to Children Everywhere (PACE) was established to meet the educational needs of girls in impoverished areas of India and elsewhere. PACE started with 25 students at its pilot learning center in Piyali, India, and now has over 200 girls enrolled. There is currently a second school under construction in Mexico and another planned for Honduras. There is even discussion of establishing a program in Appalachia.  The school provides full education to girls of the community, but also offers programs to their mothers in finance and language skills. In Piyali, this has led to many small businesses that allow women to provide income to the household, raising the standard of living for the entire family.
To read more go to: paceuniveral.org or watch this YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/YwEhKu3T51Q 

In researching the Westbrook Historical Society archives, these fellows were quickly found.  Four were both Westbrook Mayors and Rotary Presidents.  The fifth Rotarian, Mr Lawrensen (center) was a Westbrook Mayor, but never club president.  
If you know any other Westbrook-Gorham Rotarians who were Westbrook Mayors, please share this information via email to cejinmaine@gmail.com or at a meeting.  We are pretty sure that Warren, Hay, Jordan and Richardson are the only ones to claim both titles, but would not be surprised if there have been a few more Mayors in our midst!

Andrew R. Turcotte (Andy) the Fire Chief of Westbrook, who oversees all areas of the operation, was our guest and speaker on March 15.  
Andy spoke about the coming exchanges between the fire department of Archangel, Russia and the Greater Portland Fire Departments.  Teams from Archangel will make two trips here and teams from Greater Portland Fire Department will make two trips to Russia to learn from each other. Firefighter exchange programs are not a new concept nationally, but are in their infancy in our area. This exchange program will allow both areas' firefighters an opportunity to enhance performance, pursue new innovative ideas in Fire/EMS service lines, assist in use of new technologies, and build strong lasting relationships.
L-R: Mike Sanphy – Westbrook City Council, Chief Andrew Turcotte,
Deborah Shangraw – Rotary Club of Westbrook/Gorham.
A small group of Westbrook-Gorham Rotarians and their spouses attended the Camp Susan Curtis Leadership Celebration on Friday March 18 at the Marriott Sable Oaks. Thanks to a club member, our club was listed at the Sabattus Cabin Sponsor level in that evening's program.
The program included their usual wonderful line up of inspiring speakers, including a young man from Westbrook. Brandon Brichetto, a Camp Susan Curtis Alumnus, spoke of the difficulties and challenges of his childhood in a dysfunctional home.  When he was 10, a school councilor recommended him to the Camp.  He continued to attend for 8 years.   Thanks to the programs at Camp Susan Curtis, at the age of 16, he knew he wanted to go to college and have a career helping people.  He is now a Westbrook Firefighter and Paramedic as well as a student at USM.  We are pleased to report that he received a standing ovation.
L to R: Steve & Patty Rand, Willie & Christine Johnson, Jack and Linda Kivus, Linda & Jason Beever

These photos are from the 1975 Club Directory.  We are happy to report that they remain club members to this day!  Bill Gowen, Dick Labrecque, Henry Saunders and Nelson Harmon.  Looking good gentlemen!!

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