Feb 16, 2016
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Feb 23, 2016
Barbara Schneider - Executive Director
Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation
Mar 01, 2016
Mike Parker - President
Presumpscot River Land Trust
Mar 08, 2016
No Mid-Day Meeting
See you at the 90th Anniversary Event!!
Mar 15, 2016
Andrew Turcotte - Fire Chief City of Westbrook
Russian Fire & Police Exchange Visit
Mar 22, 2016
Rev Dr William Chadwick
Cuatro Cayos Guatemala Mission
Mar 29, 2016
Apr 12, 2016
Owen's McCullough - VP Engineering Sebago Technics
New Westbrook Public Service Building
Apr 26, 2016
Katelyn Chapman & Phil Giordano
RYLA - The gift that keeps on giving
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Welcome to our Club!


Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 11:30 AM
Westbrook Regional Vocational Center
125 Stroudwater St
Culinary Arts Dining Room
Westbrook, ME  04092
United States
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Home Page Stories
Thanks to Mike Sanphy for locating additional Rotary historical documents and pictures at the Westbrook Historical Society.  Also, thanks to Nelson Harmon for providing a Club photo from December 1970 showing club members standing in front of the Dunn Street Legion Hall – with names!
Westbrook Rotary Club December 1, 1970
Courtesy Photo - Nelson Harmon

If you have any Rotary memorabilia at home that you would like to share, or know of a local family member of a former club member, please let President Christine know.  We are very interested in expanding the Rotary collection at the Wesbrook Historical Society and identifying/creating a collection at the Gorham Historical Society.

Current items in the Westbrook Historical Society collection include:
  • 1959-60 scrap book compiled by Howard W Steven, President.
  • 50th Anniversary Gold program from 1975
  • February 1928 photo of club members in front of Walker Library taken for The Evening News
  • 1975-76 50th year club directory – two copies.  One copy has updated pages added through about 1982.
  • 1926-1932 notebook called “Concerning Rotary” – attributed to Granville “Doc” Shibles
  • 1926+ Bound historical ledger prepared by Granville Shibles
  • May 1926-June 1927 bound copies of The Rotary Reveille, the newsletter of the time
  • May 1940-June 1942 bound copies of The Rotary Reveille
  • 10-1-85 to 6-23-87 ring notebook - copies of Saccarapa Scribbler, the newsletter of the time. From Bill Greenwood.
  • Three hardcover Rotary International-published books.
  • ......And the search of their files continues.
1926 Visiting Portland Visiting Rotarian Badge
with name of Westbrook Charter Member Granville Shibles
​(Westbrook Historical Society Collection)

John Bundy Brown 1805-1881, who made a start in life as a grocery store clerk, went on to become a top real estate owner in Maine.  He founded J. B. Brown, a real estate company, which is still has a prominent role in the city of Portland as JB Brown & Sons.  John had five children, one of whom was John Marshall Brown who studied law at Bowdoin College, received an appointment in 20th Maine Regiment as a First Lieutenant, was Adjutant to General Joshua Chamberlain and distinguished himself in prominent battles of the Civil War including Gettysburg. He retired a Brevet General, returned to Portland, married, and had five children including a daughter, Alida Greely Brown, who died in Switzerland at the age of 19.
To honor his daughter’s memory, John commissioned a stone memorial chapel in Falmouth Foreside whose foundation was laid in 1890. The Chapel became the burial place of John Marshall Brown, his wife, and their daughter Alida. Before pine trees grew up around it, it was a key navigational mark in Casco Bay.
Through subsequent gifts and endowments from the Browns and the Payson Family as well as others, this chapel with the addition of other buildings eventually became the Episcopal Church of Saint Mary in Falmouth, Maine. The church was initially a summer parish, but evolved into a year round parish as the local populous expanded outward from Portland.
Born in New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, Rev Nathan W. Ferrell has been Rector since 2012.

From left to right: Bill Gowen – Club Treasurer with Rev. Nathan W. Ferrell, Rector of the Episcopal Church of Saint Mary in Falmouth, Maine.


Our charter was found right where we had left it.  In our closet at WRVC!!
Thanks to Chef Charles, it is now hanging on the wall near our check-in table.  Thanks to Mike Foley for snapping this photo.

Our club was founded in December 1925 and chartered in March 1926. Come join us for a fun evening to kick off our 90th Anniversary on March 8, 2016.
Chef Limoggio and the Students have offered a very special menu for this evening meal and program!   See the details at the Event link on our website and please sign up using this lnk. We hope you will join us for a fun evening.  Please note in the comments if you want a vegetarian meal.
Reception 5:30PM
Dinner 6:30PM
Program 7:30PM
Cost $30
If you are having trouble signing up, please contact Christine Johnson cejinmaine@gmail.com.
Please RSVP by March 1, 2016. 

Here is a great picture and story from the Westbrook American back in 1995 showing John Hay holding our charter from March 8, 1926. 
If any current or former members have Club historical materials in their possession, or know anyone who might have interesting information such as news clippings, journals, meeting minutes or photographs, please contact President Christine.  We are working to compile material to share during our kick off event and over the course of the next year.

Rotary District 7780 is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all participants in Rotary activities. It is the duty of all Rotarians and any other volunteers to safeguard to the best of their ability the welfare of and to prevent the physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of children, youth, and other vulnerable person with whom they may come into contact.
Sheriff Dubois conducted the mandatory training session for our members which included how to recognize abuse or harassment.; Allegation Reporting Guidelines; Protection of the complainant; Reporting to appropriate law enforcement authorities; and District Procedures in response to allegations.
All members not present at this meeting are encouraged to review the training materials since review of this topic is mandatory every three years.  Materials will be made available on our website shortly. It can also be shared via email, once available.
Also, anyone who expects to be in a one-on-one situation with someone in a protected class, should complete a Background Check form.  It is the policy of our District that the Club will pay the small feed involved should a member request to follow this process.  The form is available from our Club Protection Officer Dave Rolfe.  He will process the form through the District Protection officer.

Left: From left to right: David Rolfe – Club Protection Officer. Dr. Bruce Dyer of Westbrook High School Guidance – Rotaract Club Advisor, Sheriff David G. Dubois - Sheriff, Stratford County, New Hampshire – District 7780 – District Protection Officer.


Members of the Windham Historical Society entertained our club with the story of the recent archaeological dig at the suspected location of the Provisional Fort of Windham at what is now the intersection of River Road and Anderson Road in South Windham.  The Fort was known to have been erected on the top of the highest hill in Windham and was built to protect the families of Westbrook and South Windham from constant threat during the Indian wars in the period of 1744 – 1784. The first school in Windham and a church were built inside the fort. Once it was no longer needed, the Fort was dismantled and materials were used to build other structures in Windham.
The Historical Society wanted to determine if the fort was indeed at this location, and if portions of the fort are located under the road. In the front lawn of the Parson Smith House (see above) test pits were dug. When some artifacts were found, trenches one meter wide by four meters long were dug carefully and yielded artifacts typical of the period including pipes, fragments of pottery, nails, and parts of a flintlock rifle.  Different soil colors indicate where walls of the fort were constructed.
The Windham Historical Society, working closely with the Maine Historic Heritage Commission, will be back in April of this year and dig more trenches to further explore the site before planned road construction begins. They are now confident that a good part of the fort is under the road. However, work being done by the Maine Department of Transportation to lower the River Road 4 feet at that point to improve sight lines and vehicle safety will move forward.
Anyone seeking more information is urged to visit http://windhamhistorical.org/parson_smith.shtml or check out this WCSH6 Story from November 2015 WCSH6 Windham Historic Dig
From left to right: Mike Sanphy – Westbrook Historical Society,
Jim Hanscom, Ernie Mitchell – Windham Historical Society,
Ted Rogers, Rotary Club of Westbrook/Gorham and
Linda Griffin of Windham Historical Society.

Phil is a long time Westbrook resident and WHS graduate, class of 1991.  He graduated from Cornell University with Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management and served 10 years of active duty in the Navy.  During his time as a Captain and Pilot in the Navy, he served as an Aircraft Commander, Mission Commander and Pilot Instructor.  After leaving active duty, he continued in the Navy reserves while working as Captain for Jet Blue.  
He told us that his community involvement really got started about 2 years ago with the 25th anniversary of the sister city program.  Phil’s father, Phil Spiller Sr, was instrumental in the creation of this partnership in 1987 between Greater Portland and Archangel Russia.  Since then, he has become involved with Westbrook’s downtown coalition network, MPTC Board, Westbrook Together Days Organizing Committee, Cornelia Warren Courts renovation, Westbrook Historical Society, and the 10 year sustainability board for the Jetport.  He is a local Cornell Ambassador and a member of American Legion Post 62 on Dunn St.  Also, he is an advocate for the Portland Boxing Club, of which Jet Blue is a sponsor at the Portland Expo.
Phil has been a Pilot for Jet Blue for 10 years and is based in Boston. He can work 12-18 days a month, with many layovers not in New England. He told us about two hot button issues in the airline industry today. The first is laser strikes.  Through October 2015, there were over 5300 laser strikes on domestic aircraft in the US.  This is a serious offense that can blind pilots and endanger passengers.  Anyone caught can face up to a $250K find and up to 20 years in jail. The second issue is the proliferation of drones. While drones must now be registered, the increasing popularity of these recreational devices could pose a hazard to commercial aircraft.
The Club thanks Phil for his service and is pleased that he has added Rotary to the list of his community activities.

We are pleased to announce that the IRS has approved our new non-profit entity, WESTBROOK GORHAM ROTARY CLUB CHARITIES.  Our Treasurer, Bill Gowen, will share more details at our next Club Assembly on February 2. 
Thanks to all who worked so hard on this for so long. Particular thanks go out to Judith Reidman and Bill Gowen.

The Reverend Dr William Chadwick, otherwise known as VP Bill, was our speaker on December 22nd.  He presented a topical and interesting program that was a prophetic and scientific examination of the Star of Bethlehem. He examined several quotes from scripture in conjunction with re-creations of astronomical phenomena in the night sky. In addition, he discussed prophecies familiar to the magi of Babylon which tie in with many aspects of the Christmas story.
The Babylonian magi were religious scholars who combined astronomy and astrology in interpreting dreams, visions and cosmic events which lead them to look for and eventually follow a bright conjunction of planets (Venus & Jupiter) towards their west in 2BCE.  Likely, there was a triple conjunction (two planets coming close together three times in a short period of time), making the cosmic event even more significant to the magi.  Interestingly, Venus has been called the Mother Planet and Jupiter the King Planet.
Johannes Kepler, a German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer discovered laws of planetary motion around 1609.  Using those laws, he could calculate sky maps for any day in history and set out to recreate the night sky at the time of the Jesus’ birth, using the death date of King Herod as a guide. These re-creations found that there were significant planetary and star conjunction events in both 3 BCE and 2 BCE which would explain the magi’s intense interest in the skies over Judeah and their belief that something important was happening in that direction (the birth of a King). Of course, their journey led them to Jerusalem and ultimately to Bethlehem, a small village that was known for raising lambs to be used in the Passover sacrifices each year.

Thanks to the hard work of our members, our tree sale was a big success again this year.  Special thanks go out to Steve Rand for leading the way. While net proceeds are down slightly from last year due to some one-time expenses, income was up a healthy amount.  We are well positioned for next year. 
Also, we raised over $170 for the food pantries.  This money will be sent with our match this week.
Great work all!  

We are pleased to report that the Rotary table raised the most “tips for charity” this year at the December 11 luncheon.  $348!!  All proceeds were designated to the Westbrook Food Panty and the Good Samaritan Fund.
A huge thanks goes out to Rotarians, family, and UMaine Alumni who joined us this year.  We are looking forward to retaining that number one position next year.

Thanks to Judith and Ed Reidman for opening their home to us again this year.  The event was well attended by about 43 club members and their families. As usual, there was a whole lot of great food and drink, with some recipe sharing.   The Yankee swap provided great (and somewhat competitive) entertainment with nearly 40 participants. Popular items that changed hands several times included Kahlua, a tool kit, and a set of Christmas bowls.
Also, thanks to all who brought Toys for Tots and Teens. These items, along with other donations to date, will be given to the Marines this coming Tuesday morning. 
We are all looking forward to next year's Christmas party when Steve and Patty Rand will be our hosts.

On December 3, the Portland Alumnae Club of the University of Maine held their annual Christmas luncheon. Each year, this group chooses a service project or charity of interest to the members, and then brings items to donate to that cause.  This year, they agreed to donate children’s books to our club for distribution as part of the District 7780 Literacy Project.
District Governor Elect Marge Barker was the guest speaker.  She spoke about her passion for books, especially seeing children reading and enjoying books. She also spoke about her involvement with Rotary projects in several countries, like the District’s Guatemalan literacy project.
Thank you to Marge for being a wonderful speaker.   Also, a huge thank you to the Portland Alumnae members for helping us with our Literacy Project.

Paul Harris Fellow recognition is given to an individual who contributes $1,000 or more cumulatively to the Rotary Annual Fund. Multiple Paul Harris Fellow recognition is given for each subsequent $1,000 donated in an individual’s name, including any matching funds from the Club.
Congratulations and a huge thanks to Dan Willett for his generosity to Rotary by reaching the Paul Harris +3 giving level.
Steve Rand (Right), Rotary Foundation Chairperson, recognizes Dan Willett (Center) Rotary Assistant District Governor, Anton Wagner, (Left) adds his congratulations.

Thanks to everyone who turned out early on Friday morning to set up the trailer and tree sale lot.  A huge thanks to new member Jeff Malloy who brought along several of his relatives to help: Jason & Alex Gordon, Joel Landry and Craig Lewin.  We were off-loaded in near record time!! 
Thanks also to many other hands including Jack Kivus, Frank Emery (fence guru), Julie Hamm, Dave Rolfe, Bill Chadwick (the energizer bunny again this year), Bill Gowen, Christine Johnson, and Tree Sale Chair Steve Rand.  Great job!!

Trees are being sold at the corner of Mechanic St and William Clarke Dr in downtown Westbrook ME.


Please follow this link and sign up for shifts to sell trees here: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0A4FABA72EA2F85-rotary

If you need help signing up, please contact Steve Rand or Mike Foley.


New Rotary member, Jeff Malloy, grew up in Cumberland and graduated from Greeley High School 1992.  He took classes at USM, then later at Andover College (now Kaplan University) studying the travel and tourism industry, but found his interests shifting to retail management. He joined Wal-Mart where he gained extensive experience, including formal training at Wal-Mart’s management training Institute in Half Moon, New York.  After honing his skills as manager of several retail stores, including iParty (now Party City) and Yankee Candle, Jeff accepted the position of branch manager of Casco Federal Credit Union in Westbrook. Jeff met his wife Kiersten while working at Wal-Mart.  They have been married for four years and are expecting their first child, a girl.
Jeff was impressed by the community values taught by Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, which led to his decision to become involved in Westbrook community projects.  Since joining Rotary, Jeff has taken on the chairmanship of Crutches4Africa – a Rotary project that collects crutches, canes, walkers, and wheelchairs to be shipped to Africa.  This mobility equipment is distributed to people who use them to get around without crawling, restoring dignity and, in many cases, the opportunity for employment.
If you have any crutches, canes, walkers, and wheelchairs sitting unused in a basement or closet that you would like to see put to good use, contact Jeff at (207) 839-5588 or email him at jmalloy@cascofcu.com or simply bring them to Casco Federal Credit Union at 35 Cumberland Street in Westbrook.

On Friday November 13, Rotarian volunteers Christine Johnson and Paul Emery prepared the evening meal at My Place Teen Center. Friday is often a simple meal, such as warming up leftovers from earlier in the week.  Here we see Paul and Christine preparing garlic bread using bread provided by The Baker’s Bench located on Brackett St in Westbrook. We joined the kids upstairs during the meal and had a chance to chat with many of them. What an energetic bunch!  
The next opportunity to volunteer is December 11. Please contact Steve Rand or Deb Shangraw if you are interested.  We encourage you to see this wonderful Center first hand.

Congratulations and thank you to Judith Reidman for achieving the Paul Harris +2 Fellowship level.  Her generosity to the Rotary Foundation over the years is much appreciated. She is seen here with President-Elect and past W-G Rotary Foundation Chair Jason Beever (left) and District Governor-Elect Marge Barker (right).
Contributions to the Rotary Foundation by Rotarians count towards Paul Harris recognition levels.  Life time giving is used to achieve each level, starting with $1000 to become a Paul Harris Fellow. Each increasing level represents an additional $1000 of lifetime giving.
Funds may be designated to whatever Rotary cause donors wish: Polio Plus, Share Fund, Endowed Funds, or to support a specific cause in one of Rotary’s areas of focus: Promoting Peace, Fighting Disease, Providing Clean Water and Sanitation, Saving Mothers and Children, Supporting Education or Growing Local Economies.


Terry Hodskins (second from left), a Wells Rotary Club member, launched a quilt project on behalf of Wells Rotary Club in 2001, naming the project WRAP-A-SMILE. The name recognizes the fact that repair of a cleft lip enables a child to smile for the very first time. Since its inception it has grown quickly. Every time there is publicity about Wrap-A-Smile more quilters begin stitching.


Quilters are a group of ladies (and sometimes guys too) that purchase or have fabric of all descriptions that they cut up and re-assemble into interesting patterns. Over nineteen thousand small and colorful home-crafted quilts have passed through Terry Hodskins’ hands on their way to children in distant hospitals and clinics, who will be wrapped in one of these donated quilts while they are recovering from surgery.

Wrap-A-Smile is devoted to supporting the medical missions of Rotaplast International and Alliance for Smiles. Rotaplast International is an organization which began as a project of the Rotary Club of San Francisco. Rotaplast Doctors go on missions to countries around the world, offering free surgery to repair cleft lips and cleft palates.

If you would like to take part or know someone who would, quilts should be baby/lap size, child-friendly colors and 100% cotton. The smallest size 36 x 46 and larger size 40 x 60 and any size in between. They should be machine quilted or hand tied, as they may be washed in rivers and are generally exposed to difficult conditions.

All inquiries should be made to Terry Hodskins . More information about Rotaplast International can be found at www.rotaplast.org.


Club Executives & Directors
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Beware of new email scam claiming to be from Foundation Chair Klinginsmith
A new email purporting to be from Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Ray Klinginsmith is targeting Rotary members. The email falsely claims that members can become End Polio Now ambassadors if they email club information to a Gmail address within 48 hours. The fraudulent email has the subject line “BECOME AN END POLIO AMBASSADOR” and is sent from a fake email address. This is a scam. Rotary staff is working to resolve the issue. Avoid being the victim of scams by deleting any email that appears suspicious.
Find resources for planning your centennial celebration
We're kicking off The Rotary Foundation's centennial celebration at the Korea convention, 28 May-1 June. But you can get started now planning your club's centennial activities with the resources available in our promotion kit: Ideas and activities for clubs Doing Good in the World promotional flier Doing Good in the World bookmark Sample press release Centennial letterhead Centennial PowerPoint template Centennial postcard History of The Rotary Foundation PowerPoint Find more ideas in "Rotary's Foundation Is Turning 100," in the January issue of Rotary Leader Watch and download A Century of...
Cultivating peace: Rabia Raja
From the February 2016 issue of The Rotarian Rabia Raja thought she knew exactly how the residents of her home village of Dandot, Pakistan, should improve their schools. "I remember saying to them, 'You don't do this; you don't do that,' and they answered me, 'What have you done for this place?'" Raja remembers. "That's when I realized I could do something." Rabia Raja Area of focus: Supporting education Age: 39 Occupation: Entrepreneur Location: Lahore, Pakistan Peace Center: Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok 2011 That something turned out to be the Sunshine Consulting Welfare Organization...
Cultivating peace: Sachin Rane
From the February 2016 issue of The Rotarian Growing up in India, Sachin Rane dreamed of being a police officer like his father and grandfather. "Our walls were decorated with uniformed pictures of my ancestors," he says. But he never imagined how far police work would take him. Sachin Rane Area of focus: Promoting peace Age: 49 Occupation: Detective inspector Location: Mumbai Peace Center: Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 2013 Rane became a Mumbai police officer in 1991. He investigated bombings, kidnappings, and murders while working for a variety of law enforcement branches, including...
Cultivating peace: Summer Lewis
From the February 2016 issue of The Rotarian In 2007, Summer Lewis was eager to return to school. She had graduated summa cum laude from Kansas State University with a bachelor's degree in Spanish, sociology, and women's studies and spent several years traveling and working with organizations focused on economic development at the grassroots level. Summer Lewis Area of focus: Growing local economies Age: 35 Occupation: Consultant Location: Oaxaca, Mexico Peace Center: University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2011-12 “The problem was that I had too many areas of interest,” recalls Lewis...