Meet at Riverbank Park for Assignments
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Rotary Clubs from around southern Maine and Coastal NH will be leading a variety of clean up efforts in their communities.  Events will take place on various dates and  times from the middle of September in to early October.  Westbrook-Gorham's event will be held on Saturday October 2, 2021 starting at 9AM.

We will meet at Riverbank Park at 9AM then fan out to clean up along various walkways along the river.  Look for more information  from several organizations who will be participating that day, including: City of Westbrook, Idexx, Friends of the Presumpscot RIver, and Presumpscot River Land Trust, among many others.

Safety First

 GO  - October 2, 9am - Meet at River Bank Park Gazebo

  • Wear work gloves, long pants and closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops or sandals)
  • Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated with water
  • Use the “buddy system”
  • Concerns/Questions: contact Club Committee members: Mike Fandell, Karen Arnold, Kathi Perkins, Andy Turcotte                                               

 CAUTION - Look out for hazards

  • General safety of yourself and others – first aid available, as needed
  • Ground: Wet, muddy, uneven/sloping, obstacles such as rocks, trash, fallen trees, shrubs/ground cover (ex. poison ivy, thorn bushes)
  • Traffic
  • Wildlife: Bites or stings from animals and insects
  • Trash: heavy or sharp edges, sharp objects, syringes sharps/needles




  • Do not go into the River! If someone falls in, help them out and call Emergency.
  • Don’t pick up sharp objects without proper work gloves to protect your hands
  • Don’t pick up heavy trash alone -use the buddy system.