Thanks to Mike Sanphy for locating additional Rotary historical documents and pictures at the Westbrook Historical Society.  Also, thanks to Nelson Harmon for providing a Club photo from December 1970 showing club members standing in front of the Dunn Street Legion Hall – with names!
Westbrook Rotary Club December 1, 1970
Courtesy Photo - Nelson Harmon

If you have any Rotary memorabilia at home that you would like to share, or know of a local family member of a former club member, please let President Christine know.  We are very interested in expanding the Rotary collection at the Wesbrook Historical Society and identifying/creating a collection at the Gorham Historical Society.

Current items in the Westbrook Historical Society collection include:
  • 1959-60 scrap book compiled by Howard W Steven, President.
  • 50th Anniversary Gold program from 1975
  • February 1928 photo of club members in front of Walker Library taken for The Evening News
  • 1975-76 50th year club directory – two copies.  One copy has updated pages added through about 1982.
  • 1926-1932 notebook called “Concerning Rotary” – attributed to Granville “Doc” Shibles
  • 1926+ Bound historical ledger prepared by Granville Shibles
  • May 1926-June 1927 bound copies of The Rotary Reveille, the newsletter of the time
  • May 1940-June 1942 bound copies of The Rotary Reveille
  • 10-1-85 to 6-23-87 ring notebook - copies of Saccarapa Scribbler, the newsletter of the time. From Bill Greenwood.
  • Three hardcover Rotary International-published books.
  • ......And the search of their files continues.
1926 Visiting Portland Visiting Rotarian Badge
with name of Westbrook Charter Member Granville Shibles
​(Westbrook Historical Society Collection)