Megan Perry was our guest and speaker on February 13 for our meeting at Dunn St Legion Hall.  The Community Policing Coordinator is a civilian liaison between the police department and the Brown St neighborhood. Megan partners with CASA and the Recovery Liaison, as well as with Communities that Care to help identify need and connect people with services.
She talks with the police department every day to identify any follow up that may be needed. They work together to identify houses with a high number of calls, often called “disorderly houses”, and attempt to turn such situations around.  She is hands, feet and ears on the ground to help improve quality of life in the neighborhood.  Since her office is located right in the neighborhood, people come to her to talk about what is bothering them. This could be anything from concern about safety of a sidewalk to concern for a neighbor.
Megan keeps her office stocked with a variety of supplies. She has school supplies, baby kits that include power outlet covers, pill boxes that lock, gun locks, healthy snacks, books, and stuffed animals.  She also has a supply of food items provided by the food pantry.
The Community Policing Coordinator position was initially funded by a community block grant. The role has proven its value with reduced calls for service for fights, juvenile issues, disorderly houses, and even traffic issues. The position is now fully funded by the City.  The office space on Brown St is paid for by two private foundations. Chief Roberts brought this idea to Westbrook based on her experience with community policing centers in Portland.
L-R: Phil Spiller, Megan Perry, Pres Bill Chadwick,
WPD Chief Janine Roberts