A Sunday sermon by our own Rev Bill Chadwick led to the creation of the Stroudwater Christian Church Food Pantry (SCCFP) in 2015. As Doug Horner relayed the story to us at our meeting on Tuesday May 3, Bill spoke of the need to address hunger in our immediate community.  Doug, who had been looking for an opportunity to serve, raised his hand to volunteer to lead that effort.   On their first day, about 9 months ago, they served 6 families.  This all volunteer effort is now serving 326 families, half of those from Westbrook, on a regular basis. This represents about 1000 people.
The SCCFP mission is: To do the work of Jesus feeding those in need and reducing the number of food insecure within the Greater Portland Community. Their strategic goals are: 1) Feed the hungry, 2) Treat people with dignity and respect, 3) Build it to last - sustainability and 4) Own their financial solvency outside of the church budget.
The Food Pantry is a 501c3 organization and is registered with both the Good Shepherd Food Band and Feeding America. These organizations provide significant help to their registrants. They manage the relationship with Hannaford that allows SCCFP to pick up food directly from each participating Hannaford store once a week. Hannaford provides fresh meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables, along with baked goods.  However, dry goods are not included.  Our food donations this week helped fill that gap.
Out of about 1.3M people in Maine, over 200,000 lived in food insecure households in 2015.  This means they could not count on 3 meals a day. In this number are 1 in 4 children.  The volunteers of the Stroudwater Christian Food Pantry are doing their part to address those numbers.  Unlike many other food pantries, they are open twice a week: Wednesdays 12-3 and Sundays 1-3.  Registered families can come once a week on either day to pick up food quantities based on guidelines for calories and nutrition based on household size.
Thanks to all who brought in your generous donations of dry goods.  Your support is very much appreciated.
L-R: Rev Bill Chadwick, Dr Wayne Lopez, Doug Horner,
Paul Emery, Christine Johnson