Ken Hawley, President of The Transformation Project (TTP), was our guest and speaker on January 31, 2017. Ken spoke about the great work being done with young people in "lock up" at Longcreek Development Center, a youth incarceration center that has been around for about 150 years.  Kids can respond well while at the center, but struggle with transition back into the community. That's where TTP can help.
TTP represents a new concept, a transitional opportunity. It is a 501(c)3 that will be located at 907 Main St in Westbrook in a building purchased by a generous donor. They had been looking for a place for about 9 years, when Abigail Cioffi of the Downtown Westbrook Coalition introduced them to the building.  The plan is to establish a cafe and event space in which transitioning youth can work. Those chosen to work there must have reached a require level of rehabilitation.  There will be apartments upstairs for up to 8 kids who are ready to be in the community, along with two house parents. 
DJ's Cafe is being named after a promising young man that Ken knew at Longcreek. Upon his release, he fell back into his old circumstances and was eventually shot and killed.  The popularity of the culinary arts program at Longcreek makes this an ideal program to interest and engage the young people it will serve.  TTP will provide accountability, structure and opportunity for youth transitioning back into the community.
TTP has had donations of restaurant equipment, and many local professionals have donated their time and talents.   At this point, they need to get the cafĂ© up and running and finish the upstairs living space, including furnishing bedrooms, bathrooms, and the residential kitchen.  If you would like to find out how you can help, go to their website:
Phil Spiller (R) introduced Ken Hawley (L)