Share Your Ideas or Story with Us!

If you have an idea or topic that you would like to present to us, we would be honored to hear from you at one of our meetings.
About Our Meeting:
Our weekly lunch meetings are held most Tuesday mornings at 11:30 AM in the Culinary Dining Room at the Westbrook Regional Vocational Center at 125 Stroudwater St., Westbrook, Maine. During the school year, we start with lunch prepared and served by the culinary students and then move to guest introductions, club announcements, and connecting and then move on to the Speaker Presentation beginning about 12:05 (See schedule below).  From Mid May to early October, we cater in lunch.
11:30 - 11:50
Lunch (You are our guest so lunch is on us.)
Club connections, some fun, and announcements.
Speaker presentation, including questions
Your Presentation:
If you are interested in speaking at our gathering, please send us a short biography as well as a brief description of your presentation. If you have a PowerPoint slide or video that you would like to bring to aid your presentation, you are of course welcome to do so. We will dedicate 20 minutes of time to your presentation. If you require more time to present your ideas, please let us know ahead of time so we can arrange accordingly.
Please direct any questions or comments to our Club's Secretary.

Keys to success as a presenter? 

1) Communicate your audio/visual needs in advance to our Secretary. We are equipped with a 72," high-resolution, flatscreen TV that works very well for PowerPoint and Video

2) On the day of your talk, it helps if you arrive at around 11:15 so that we can be sure we have everything ready for your presentation.

3) If you have not sent it in advance, please bring any Powerpoint presentation or video on a USB drive that we will download onto our media computer. Relying on the school WiFi network can be risky. PowerPoints are best if kept to less than 20 slides with large, high-contrast font visible from the back of the room, 20-25 feet away.

4) Videos are best if no longer than 3-5 minutes so that your presentation will be interactive. If you have longer videos please send us the links so we can share them with our members to watch outside the meeting.

5) If you are bringing information, handouts, or any type of swag, plan on up to 20 people.   We are currently seeing 12-15 in attendance. Ask for an update so you can best prepare.

6) Plan to stand at the podium area where you will have a lapel microphone attached. Some of our members have difficulty hearing so being mic'd is required of all speakers. Staying behind the speaker helps prevent feedback. The rest of the dining room has lots of windows which makes it difficult for us to see our speaker with such a bright background if you stand anywhere other than the podium.

Click here to submit your information as a potential speaker for the Westbrook-Gorham Rotary.