On May 29, Idexx Senior Communications Manager Pete Dewitt and Communications Business Partner Abigail Ingalls were our guests and speakers. Twenty-five Rotarians and guests listened as Pete and Abigail shared some background about Idexx and what we have to look forward to in Westbrook.
In 1983, AgriTech was founded in Portland by five employees with the goal of detecting diseases in livestock. In 1988, the company name was changed to Idexx. In 1991, the company went public and moved to Westbook.  Idexx now employs over 2100 people in Westbrook, and about 7000 worldwide in 105 locations, serving customers in over 175 countries.
Idexx recently broke ground on a 135,000 sq ft $62M expansion at their World Headquarters off Eisenhower Dr in Westbrook. This expansion is slated to open in September 2019 and will house about 600 additional employees. The new building will be called the Synergy East and will house primarily office and conference space with lots of natural light and open space.
Scenes from the groundbreaking ceremonies on May 11
The company‚Äôs stated purpose is enhancing the health and well-being of pets, people and livestock. The Companion Animal Group now comprises about 87% of their business with Livestock Poultry and Dairy Group representing just 6%. The other 7% represents water quality and other testing.   All of their R&D takes place in Westbrook, as does about 90% of their manufacturing of diagnostic devices.  Idexx now invests over $100M per year in R&D. In fact, they hold many US Patents, about 170 to date!
Idexx, recently named a Fortune 1000 Company, is committed to the local community.  Their Westbrook campus features environmentally sustainable design, open-concept office areas, adopt-a-garden, and a 9,000-square-foot fitness center with an employee health clinic.  In 2019-2020, they expect to expand their trail network to connect with other local trails. Globally, Idexx employees volunteered over 12,000 hours in 2017.
Pete Dewitt signs a book for
Walker Memorial Library