We are pleased to report that both 10-month old Angel Abrego Quiroz and almost 13-year old Jean Carlos Vasquez were cleared to return home to Panama on their scheduled flight early on February 17, 2017. The children and their mothers had arrived in a snow storm on January 7 for life-saving heart surgery at Maine Medical Center.   With some delays due to a virus for Angel and need for exploratory surgery for Jean Carlos, the two children came through their corrective heart operations on Feb 2 and 3 with flying colors.
Angel Abrego Quiroz (L) and Jean Carlos Vasques (R)
Gift of Life Albany provided funding that allowed these two children to come to Maine.  Gift of Life International, in partnership with COPA airlines, provided travel.  Gift of Life New England, Maine Medical Center, pediatric heart surgeons Drs Quinn and Mello, their staffs, Ronald McDonald House, and Westbrook-Gorham Rotary, with much help from other local Rotarians and friends, supported the children while there were here.
The children and their mothers at Logan Airport
on their way home to Panama
The children arrived back in Panama to a large welcoming committee of family, friends and local Rotarians. Jean Carlos is due to return to school on 3/6, the start of their school year in Panama. We expect that he will be back playing his beloved football (soccer) in a few months.
Jean Carlos and Maricruz with Tom Ford of Gift of Life (L)
Angel and Itzy with dad Eduardo and big sister (R)
For a complete photo gallery of their journey, go to: http://westbrookgorhamrotary.org/PhotoAlbums/gift-of-life-2017