Rev Bill Chadwick spoke about his church’s work in Cuatro Cayos, a small town in the jungles of Guatemala. He and fellow Rotarian Wayne Lopez recently led a group of 20 to work on several ongoing projects. These projects include building and equipping a school, establishing a bakery to be owned and run locally, building a health clinic, providing dental services, feeding local children, providing mosquito nets to fight Zika Virus, among other projects

Bill showed how this work dovetails with the Rotary Foundation's motto of Doing Good in the World and to Rotary’s six areas of focus: Promoting Peace, Disease Prevention, Water & Sanitation, Education, Economic Development, and Child & Maternal care.  
Finally, he spoke about his vision for the future: equipping this new clinic with a portable dental chair and other associated equipment. We hope to submit this project for a District grant in 2016.